Error traceback in new pre 1.6 version

I am testing on the Shiny version from github. I noticed the original error traceback is gone. Only a very simple message:

Warning: Error in exists: invalid first argument
  1: runApp

In < v1.5

Warning: Error in exists: invalid first argument
  82: exists
  81: self$exists
  80: oldInputs$available
  79: restoreInput
  78: selectInput
  73: selectizeInput
  72: observeEventHandler [R/xxx.R#323]
   1: runApp

I tried with new devmode() function but still the same. The only way I know right now is options(shiny.fullstacktrace = TRUE). Is there any new config that I'm missing in the new version?

Thanks, this is a regression. Can you file an issue at:

It seems today's new version brings the trace back (

Hi @lz100, any chance you can provide us with a reproducible example?

I am using 1.6.09, seems the tracing is back.

funcA <- function(){stop("a")}
funcB <- function(){funcA()}
ui <- fluidPage()
server <- function(input, output, session) {funcB()}
shinyApp(ui, server)


Listening on
Warning: Error in funcA: a
  52: stop
  51: funcA [#1]
  50: funcB [#1]
  49: server [#2]
Error in funcA() : a

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