error to load database spss

Excuse me, please if you can help me with the following error:
This is the code of my database in order to load..
datos = read.spss("machinelearning ii/arboles/tree_credit.sav",
use.value.labels = F, = T)

but in console tells me this:
Error in make.names(vnames, unique = TRUE) : invalid multibyte string 1
Error during wrapup: invalid multibyte string at 'n_credito'
Error: no more error handlers available (recursive errors?); invoking 'abort' restart

This seems like an encoding issue, the foreing::read.spss() has the reencode parameter to specify which encoding to use for the file.

It is impossible for us to know your file's encoding but you can find out by looking at the locale configuration of the computer where the file was created.

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