Error: startup took too long

I am getting the following error when trying to re-publish my Shiny app:

Any advice please?

The app.R file that I use for the Shiny app, sources another R script (using source()), which runs a linear model with multiple predictors, with interaction (e.g. lm(x1~x2x3x4*x5, data). This typically takes more that a minute to execute. Could this be the issue?

Hi @malanbos

What the logs of your app say? Can you provide a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue?

Sounds likely. Is it possible to pre-compute the model before deploying the application? Or compute it asynchronously, for example using promises?

Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I will explore the options and try to apply it to my app.

This worked! Pre-computing the model solved the issue. I use one script to pre-compute the model, and write the output to a file. (This only needs to be updated weekly)

The Shiny app then assigns the written file to a variable to be used, instead of having to run the model as part of the Shiny deployment.

I haven't yet checked out asynchronous computing...

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