[Error] Source file is read-only

I've ran into an issue on my course where when students and staff try save a file in a new RStudio Cloud project created from a Git Repository it says "This source file is read-only so changes cannot be saved" in a yellow banner at the top of the code. Even if you save a copy of the file, you cannot tick the boxes in the git commit window.

You may be able to replicate this issue with one of the public repos from the course (https://github.com/ids-s1-21/code-along-02.git) - but it does seem to be affecting both public and students private repos.

Any ideas what could be causing this issue?

David Elliott


This was a bug in our system that was fixed yesterday afternoon. The next time you open that project, the file permissions should be restored back to the right settings. Please let us know if you are still having trouble.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately it still seems the problem is persisting for us today. Is there anything we can do our end, any additional information we can provide? I have also put in a request (Request #67032) for assistance.

Thanks for your help.


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