error : shinyWidgets and plot graph


Issue 1

[Issue] Encode / Decode : Running `chunk` and `knit` documents

small video display error :

echarts4r and REmap, graphic visualization doesn't work...

Issue 2

shinyWidgets::prettyRadioButtons() and shinydashboard::updateTabItems() - #2 by englianhu

shinyWidgets::prettyRadioButtons() initially working smoothly when renderUI() but once click on the tab, the hidden <div>...</div> came again...

small video display error :


Source : Error: embed sidebar & css background inside html file doesn't work (shiny) · Issue #2 · scibrokes/owner · GitHub

Noticed that shinyWidgets supports shinyDashboard and shinyDashboardPlus, wonder why the error was there?

Wonder if because of shinyDashboard::sidebarDashboard() not yet changed to more advanced shinyDashboardPlus::sidebarDashboard()

useShinydashboardPlus <- function() {
  if (!requireNamespace(package = "shinydashboardPlus"))
    message("Package 'shinydashboardPlus' is required to run this function")
  deps <- findDependencies(shinydashboardPlus::dashboardPagePlus(
    header = shinydashboardPlus::dashboardHeaderPlus(),
  deps <- findDependencies(shinydashboardPlus::dashboardPage(
    header = shinydashboardPlus::dashboardHeader(),
    sidebar = shinydashboard::dashboardSidebar(),
    body = shinydashboard::dashboardBody()

why not update sidebar = shinydashboardPlus::dashboardSidebar()?

Citation : 55d05f4#commitcomment-70329789

Citation : The alignment of Choices on Radio Button · Issue #484 · dreamRs/shinyWidgets · GitHub

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