Error run shiny app: "connexion refused"


when i try do run my shiny app: I get a message: "connexion refused"

It is a bug from RStudio?

Hi @David_Saada,

We'll need more information to investigate. What is the url of the project? What are you trying to connect to? What is the full error?

Thanks in advance,


It is on all project opened, i try to launch shiny app( basic)
The full error is on browser, it just said connexion refused.

I get the same problem today. I'm developing RShiny in RStudio Cloud and app working yesterday and today when I "Run App" I receive Connection Refused error in the window that pop ups. I was expecting my usual Shiny app to appear.



Thank you both for reporting, I've been able to reproduce this issue and are currently investigating the root cause. We're tracking this issue on at

Thanks for reporting!

Hi @David_Saada and @Philip_Gladwin ,

We have identified the root cause as being related to a minor change that was made yesterday. We have rolled back this change. If you continue to have trouble launching shiny apps from projects, please attempt to clear your cookies and run the application again.


The fix works for me. Thank you.


it work also for me.

thanks for the quick debug.


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