Error regarding manual from devtools::check() / R CMD check

When running devtools::release() (which if I understand calls ``devtools::check(), which calls R CMD check` from the command line), the following warning and error are identified:

  • checking PDF version of manual ... WARNING
    LaTeX errors when creating PDF version.
    This typically indicates Rd problems.
  • checking PDF version of manual without hyperrefs or index ...
  • DONE
    Status: 1 ERROR, 1 WARNING

I've scoured the docs and the .Rd files in the man/ directory but can't find anything unusual. While it passed checks before, I'm having a difficult time pin-pointing what I must have added (is it a specific character? something to do with formatting the roxygen2 codes?) that led to this.

There's a helpful SO question on the topic, but running R CMD Rd2pdf tidyLPA didn't work; texi2dvi seems to be in the right place; and I have the inconsolata and upquote TeX fonts installed. Any ideas for how to fix?

Repostory with the latest files is here:

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You might consider stepping back through your git commits, depending on how frequently you've been running check().

I think there is something wrong with your local latex installation.

Your package checked fine on my local machine (good job!).

In general a good practice in determining if something is a local issue or a package issue is to use rhub or winbuilder, accessible with devtools::check_win_devel() and devtools::check_rhub() in the development version of devtools (soon to be released to CRAN).

In terms of debugging your LaTeX issues, I would suggest trying the tinytext R package ( and installing tinytex with tinytex::install_tinytex() and see if that resolves things.