ERROR R SUICIDE: unable to open the base package

I'm running R 4.1.2 on my Linux system (Ubuntu, 18.04.6 LTS, "Bionic Beaver"), and am able to run R code in Terminal fine. I recently installed RStudio Desktop (2022.02.0+443, "Prairie Trillium"), but when I try to run it
I get a pop up window saying "unable to open base package" (see attached).

A similar error is discussed here, but the issue is with rstudio-server, while I'm simply running RStudio desktop (and besides, resetting the user's state doesn't solve the problem). Similarly, there's another description of this problem here, but it's for a Windows OS--I need to know how to address this on Linux.

For some more context: I recently had an issue with the permissions on this server, and I had to reboot in recovery mode to re-establish a functional permissions system. Everything seems to be working fine, it's just RStudio Desktop that I can't get quite right.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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