Error: r-cannot-access-repo when deploying to RSConnect

I am trying to publish a scheduled RMarkdown (and separately, a simple Shiny app) to RSConnect and I am repeatedly encountering the following error when the deploy is at "Installing Rcpp (1.0.12) ..":

── Deployment complete ───── ✖ 
Deployment failed with error: RStudio Connect cannot download a package because the R package repository (for example, CRAN or RStudio Package Manager) cannot be accessed. (r-cannot-access-repo) 
GET /__api__/applications/1582/config 69ms [2024-03-29 10:59:12.893615] 
Deployment log finished

Everything works fine locally and I have Rcpp installed on my local machine. I have verified with options('repos') that the repo is set to CRAN.