Error produced when trying to assign taxonomy in DADA2 in R

I have been trying to assign taxonomy against the MiDAS database in R. In previous steps, I have cleaned up my genetic data using the DADA2 profiles and then use this code to assign taxonomy

  taxa_midas_genus <- assignTaxonomy(seqtab.nochim, "C:/R/MiDAS.fa",
                                     taxLevels = c("Kingdom", "Phylum", "Class", "Order", "Family", "Genus"),
                                     verbose = TRUE,
                                     tryRC = TRUE,
                                     minBoot = 80) %>%

    as_tibble(rownames = "sequence")

However, I keep getting the error: Error in if ((is.null(names) || any(bad_names <- duplicated(names) | names == :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

Any idea on how to resolve this?

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