Error Previewing SQL

Using ODBC connection to Redshift I set up with AWS drivers. I can preview some queries without a problem. I can also fetch results from all queries I've tried. However, when I try to preview one table in particular I get the error:

"Error Previewing SQL:
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed"

The query I'm using is simply:

-- !preview conn=con

SELECT * FROM table_name LIMIT 100 

The exact same format is working for the other tables.

I can run the exact same query with DBI::dbSendQuery and fetch the result without getting any error. Could it be a problem with column formats?

Hi @davidpb90, if you are able to provide more information, I think it would be worth opening an Issue in the RStudio GitHub repo:

Thanks @edgararuiz, I will. What kind of information would be relevant: the drivers I'm using, R and Rstudio version, the code for the queries that are working,...?

Right, and as much information as you can share about the names and types of the columns in that table.

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