Error parsing manifest: Bundle does not contain manifest file: XLSX

Hi there,

When I try to deploy my app into I have this error :

Error: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 547847631 failed: Error parsing manifest: Bundle does not contain manifest file: données.xlsx

Looks like it can't access to my file donnees.xlsx which is where I read my data for my App.
Here is how I import my data (which works perfectly localy)

donnees <- read.xlsx("C:/Users/Baillargeon/Desktop/R_PROG/RShiny_test/data/données.xlsx", sheetName = "donnees", encoding = "UTF-8")

I tried to set my working directory to my folder and It still doesn't work...

I'm new to and I can't figure out why when deploying my app it can't find my file...

Any ideas ?

The error means that your file is not in the bundle or can't be reached. In fact, if you're code for reading xlsx is the one you posted, it should not work. You need to use relative path. Put the file inside you project. Your current path C:/Users/Baillargeon/Desktop/R_PROG/RShiny_test/data/données.xlsx can't be found on the server because it does not exist!

You can use the here :package: to help you with file paths inside projects.

You cannot use absolute paths when referring to files.

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Thanks Josh for you answer !

But even if I try to deploy my app without absolute path with this line

donnees <- read.xlsx("données.xlsx", sheetName = "donnees", encoding = "UTF-8")

I get the same error. Do you have any idea ?

Thanks a lot !

Hey thanks you for your suggestion I didn't know the Here package.

I tried with this code :

donnees <- read.xlsx(here("data","donnees.xlsx"), sheetName = "donnees", encoding = "UTF-8")

but I still have the same error. Any idea why ?


Here is great in rstudio project as it helps build path. For shiny apps to deploy, you generally have a more somple organisation. The data folder should be at the root of you app directory, and the relative path should be enough.

donnees <- read.xlsx("data/donnees.xlsx"), sheetName = "donnees", encoding = "UTF-8")

In fact it is possible that here is not well adapt to shiny apps deploy in Or at least, check the discovery logic of here :package: as you may need a .here file in the root directory to help find the path.

Also when deploying you need to check that the file is included in the published bundle. You should see that in the IDE when deploying or in the bundle manifest that you should find on the website dashboard. Check that the xlsx file is there.

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Thanks a lot It's working !

It's weird because I've tried this method but didn't work at least it's working now.

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