Error : package or namespace load fail

This error is seen upon using certain packages like readxl,tidyverse.

Here is the full error .Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘tidyverse’ in namespaceExport(ns, exports):
undefined exports: A1_to_R1C1, R1C1_to_A1, addr_col, addr_row, anchored, as.cell_addr, as.cell_addr_v, as.cell_limits, as.ra_ref, as.ra_ref_v, as.range, cell_addr, cell_cols, cell_limits, cell_rows, guess_fo, is_A1, is_R1C1, letter_to_num, num_to_letter, ra_ref, to_string, to_string_v
In addition: Warning message:
S3 methods ‘[.cell_addr’, ‘[[.cell_addr’, ‘addr_col.cell_addr’, ‘addr_row.cell_addr’, ‘as.cell_addr.character’, ‘as.cell_addr.ra_ref’, ‘as.cell_addr_v.character’, ‘as.cell_addr_v.list’, ‘as.cell_limits.NULL’, ‘as.cell_limits.cell_limits’, ‘as.cell_limits.character’, ‘as.ra_ref.cell_addr’, ‘as.ra_ref.character’, ‘as.ra_ref_v.cell_addr’, ‘as.ra_ref_v.character’, ‘dim.cell_limits’, ‘length.cell_addr’, ‘print.cell_addr’, ‘print.cell_limits’, ‘print.ra_ref’, ‘to_string.cell_addr’, ‘to_string.ra_ref’, ‘to_string_v.cell_addr’, ‘to_string_v.list’ were declared in NAMESPACE but not found

I am using the latest Cran 4.03. This issue occur after updating it.


A quick search reveals that this issue is occurring time and again without a clear cause... The most "helpful" post i could find was this one:

It seems they suggest things might be solved if you install RTools if you're on Windows and then try to install tidyverse again. I'm not sure, but it might be a try?

Hope this helps,

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