Error Opening Project

Last time I was working in this project I got the the blue screen. After some reboots and removing some windows latest update all went back to normal.

However when I tried today to open the project again I get the following message:
"Error Opening the Project:
Project '~ xqiwuwqiuhqwwqi' could not be opened: The project file did not include a Version attribute (it may have been created by a more recent version RStudio)"

The hypothesis described between parentheses is not true and if I open the several scripts in the project folder... I can. I just cannot open the project file.

I guess that the problem was created in the blue screen moment...
Does someone has a clue of what this is?


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Does the issue go away if you delete the .Rproj file and then re-open or re-create the project? (It sounds like that project file may have become corrupt after your computer crashed.)

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Hi Kevin,
Yes the problem goes away if I do that. Kind of easy solution.
That's how I tackled it in the short moment.

However and because it happened a couple of times I just would like to understand why this happens. Also my search about that error statement didn't retrieve any result so I became very curious of this special error :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply

Sorry, I don't have any good idea as to what could be causing this.

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