Error Opening Project : system error 13 (Permission denied)

I am trying to open an RStudio Project created by a colleague and keep getting an error when I attempt fo open it:

"Error Opening Project
Project '/mypath/myproj.Rproj' could not be opened: unable to initialize project - system error 13 (Permission denied)"

The only user who can access the project is the user who created it as multiple other users have tried and get the same message. In the RStudio "Files" pane we can navigate all the way to the .Rproj file, but when we double-click to open, we get that error message.

We are using the browser version of Rstudio to access a Linux server. We have opened up all host permissions to see if that would fix it, but still no luck.

How can other users access this project?

Thank you for your help!

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