Error on opening RStudio Error: 14:5: unexpected symbol 14: set a

When I open RStudio (Version 1.1.456, R 3.5.1, running on Windows 10) I get an error on startup:

Error: 14:5: unexpected symbol
14: set a

This appears to be harmless. But I often get a similar error on updating packages with the update aborting.
I have no idea what this means. What should I do to correct this error?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Larry Hunsicker

Addendum: This error went away when I uninstalled R, cleaned out the c:\Program Files\R directory, and reinstalled R. Either my original download was corrupted or there was something left over in my R directory that corrupted things.

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Hi - I am using the same version of RStudio on Windows 10 and also get an error on startup:

Loading required package: sp
Error in if (more || nchar(output) > 80) { :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both R and RStudio and cleaned out the directories but still have the same error. The package being loaded is not in my Rprofile settings so I'm not sure why it continues to load..

Thanks for any suggestions, Kim

In my case, this turned out to be due to some code left over in a .First.r file. Do you have a .First.r? Could you post both your .rprofile and (if you have one) your .First.r file?

The line of code you're referring to gets run when using the Object Explorer (e.g. for when you call View() on a list). Do you have any such tabs open? Can you share what kind of object you're viewing?