Error: object 'x' not found

I am trying to perform the t.test using the function in RStudio on my data and I receive the 'Object not found' error in the console. I am sure to have properly imported everything, I use the commands:

t.out <- t.test(placebo, med, var.equal = TRUE)

Should I be storing the test in my t.out object? Is it necessary to use set.seed(0) also?

Here is the full log of my error in console shown below:

Check your variables, I think you're running into something along the lines of:

> t.test(x = c(1,1,1), y = c(2,2,2))
Error in t.test.default(x = c(1, 1, 1), y = c(2, 2, 2)) : 
  data are essentially constant

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