ERROR NA, NaN, or Inf when using XTS function

Hi Everyone

I have this problem with my Rstudio only, but whem i use jupyter notebook with R kernel the codes works properly:

Suppres Package Warning

quietly <- suppressPackageStartupMessages

Disable scientific notation

options(scipen = 9999)

Change chart dimension

options(repr.plot.width=12, repr.plot.height=7)

Load package suppress warning


Read the kraken_clean.csv file a kraken_df

kraken_df = read_csv("data/kraken_clean.csv")

Inspect the first few rows of the DataFrame


Subset a DataFrame of XBT crypto

xbt_df = kraken_df[kraken_df$crypto == "XBT",]

xbt_xts = xts(select(xbt_df,-c("crypto","datetime","date","time")), = as.POSIXct(strptime(xbt_df$date,"%Y-%m-%d")))


"Error in xts(select(xbt_df, -c("crypto", "datetime", "date", "time")), : '' cannot contain 'NA', 'NaN', or 'Inf'"

The data doesn't have NA's values.

I don't know if my problem come from the packages and libraries or I just need more one step.

The objective is to transform the raw data of the csv to a data frame and then a time series data to be use in statistical analysis.

Ty for your time

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