Error message while trying to use Openblender data

Hi everyone, just to say that I am a beginner in doing this,

I am trying to use a dataset from OpenBlender (Covid related) and enrich it with some more live data.

The code I am using is this:

token_key <- '5ea959739516293dd53c21c40B6mGhf34zxrfo8qh5N3iby7OXHf3P'
action <- "API_getObservationsFromDataset"

# 4. ANCHOR: 'COVID19 Confirmed Cases'
*parameters <- list( *

  • token=token_key,*
  • date_filter = list(start_date="2020-01-01", end_date="2020-03-10"), *
  • id_dataset="5e7a0d5d9516296cb86c6263",*
  • consumption_confirmation="on"*
    df <- openblender::call(action, parameters)$sample

But I am getting this message
Task cancelled. To execute tasks without prompt set 'consumption_confirmation' to 0.

Can someone understand this message and tell me how I can resolve it?

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