Error Message: unexpected symbol in code

Hi, I am trying to put this into R, but it keeps telling me I have an "unexpected symbol". I even don't know what I have to do (I'am on the Beginner Level in R).

Anpassung <- rpart(dataset ~ Alter + Tarifgruppe + Fahrerkreis + Schadenfreiheitsklasse + Regionalklasse + Typklasse + jährliche Fahrleistung + Fahrzeugalter + Abstellort + Beitragszahlung, data = Training)

Thanks for your help!

This does not conform to R's naming requirements. (Space in a bare name). If it is your column name (because you can rename columns to to not have spaces), you need to surround it with backticks so R understands.

+ `jährliche Fahrleistung` +

Hey nirgrahamuk,

thanks for your message! It works, but i get a different error message like "invalid model formula in ExtractVars".
Here you can find my summary of the dataset/dataframe i'll use:

You seem to have confusion over whether your data is called dataset or Training. For the formula, the left side of the tilde should be the dependent variable

I understand my misconception. But now i don't have any idea how i can build a decision tree based on my data you can see in the summary....

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