Error message <simpleError in is(obj, "ore.frame"): could not find function "is" > to every assignment

I am suddenly getting an annoying error every time I try to make a simple variable assignment like B = matrix(c(1,1,0,0,-1,1),nrow = 3)
The Error Message is: <simpleError in is(obj, "ore.frame"): could not find function "is" >
Can anyone help me understand why this is happening and not to get this anymore?
I saw this question was asked here one time but it wasn't really answered. I thank any attempt of help.

Probably the error did disappear after you restarted your R session?
If so then please indicate the issue as solved.

Restarting your R session should give you a new start in life
with the exception of code that is executed from an .Rprofile dataset.
Check if it contains something that could cause this problem.

I did not hear about ore.frame before, but a Google search learned me it could have something to do with Oracle R Enterprise User's Guide . If you are indeed working with this software, change the title of your issue so that it contains the word Oracle. Maybe in this way it catches the attention of someone who can help you with this.

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