Error message popping up randomly in the newest R studio version

Hello @gbonte ,

please give some more information:

  • you did switch off/on the device ? :wink:
    When you close and restart RStudio it will happen again?
  • when does it happen?
    Immediately after starting RStudio or only when you run specific R code?
  • do you recognize the code fragment if (nchar(currenr) > nchars) { ?
  • do you work with an RStudio project?
  • do you have an .Rprofile in your current directory or the home directory?
  • what is this newest RStudio version that you are using?
    It could be different for some of us due to the Operating System.
  • did the same occur in an earlier version of RStudio?

Let us know, so that we can try to help you out.

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