error message in R

annual high temperature (txx) averaged over the period 2080-2100 in scenario (RCP2.6)

futurehigh<- function(new_city,ex){
for (city in ex)
rcp2.6<- ex%>%filter(city==new_city)%>%filter(year>=2080&year<=2100)%>%filter(scenario=="RCP2.6")


print("city not exist")
where is the error of function , can help me please ?

return is misspelled, for a start.

What does the error message say?

I write it correctly in the program

the error massage say that the city you enter doesn't found in the data

Can you provide a reproducible example?

I dont understand what is related to my question

@williaml asked for a reproducible example so that we can run the same data and code that you run when you get an error. You have already provided the function code. Now make a small data set that you know produces the error. Filter you original data to have, say, only two cities, a few years, and one scenario. If that data set is named DF, run the code


and post the output here. Place a line with three back ticks just before and after the output, like this
output of dput() function
We should the be able to run the data you posted through the futurehigh function and get the same error you are getting.

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we can use this code

y<- function(city,ex){


stop("This is an error massage ")


missing() says whether the user of the function passed in the argument city. Since you have a not sign, if they did pass in the argument you get an error message. Doesn't seem likely that's what you want.

If you follow the suggestions from @williaml and @FJCC, even though it's a little bit of work, folks will be able to give you much better help.

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iam new in r can i contact via another application

Follow the link @williaml provided. It's intended to help beginners post information in a way that is most likely to get help.

where is the link ? @stratz

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