Error message in Panel Smooth Transition Regression (PSTS)

Please I have unbalanced panel data and I want to estimate a threshold regression using PSTR function in R. To create a new object of the class PSTR, I run the function below:

pstr = NewPSTR(df, dep='Growth', indep=5:6, indep_k=c('Lerner','Inflation'), tvars=c('Lerner'), iT=6)

But I keep getting the following error message which I don't know the reason

Error in `vY[tmp, ]`: 
! Can't subset rows with `tmp`. 
✖ Logical subscript `tmp` must be size 1 or 8966, not 8964. 
Run `rlang::last_trace()` to see where the error occurred.

Please how do I treat this error? Is it because the panel data is not balanced? I would be grateful if someone assists me to fix this error, thanks.

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