error message in my codes

Hello wonderful people,
this is my code. I have been trying for the whole day to work it out. Getting Error message of all sort. I wonder anyone could be kind enough to get me out of this misery please.

outcome_dat <-read_outcome_data(snps=clumpedexposure$SNP
filename = "C:/MR data/ALS.txt"
snp_col = "SNP"
beta_col = "BETA"
se_col = "se"
effect_allele_col = "A1"
other_allele_col = "A2"
eaf_col = "EAF"
pval_col = "P"
samplesize = 36052

this is the error message:
Error: unexpected symbol in:
"outcome_dat <-read_outcome_data(snps=clumpedexposure$SNP

Many thanks.

It's typical for parameters and lists in general to be delimited by comma symbol


thanks. when I tried with comma, it showed the following error.
Error: unexpected symbol in:

"outcome_dat <-read_outcome_data(snps=clumpedexposure$SNP
>   snp_col = "SNP",
Error: unexpected ',' in "  snp_col = "SNP","
>   beta_col = "BETA",
Error: unexpected ',' in "  beta_col = "BETA","
>   se_col = "se",
Error: unexpected ',' in "  se_col = "se","
>   effect_allele_col = "A1",
Error: unexpected ',' in "  effect_allele_col = "A1","
>   other_allele_col = "A2",
Error: unexpected ',' in "  other_allele_col = "A2","
>   eaf_col = "EAF",
Error: unexpected ',' in "  eaf_col = "EAF","
>   pval_col = "P",
Error: unexpected ',' in "  pval_col = "P","
>   sample_size = 36052

please seperate out your code as you wrote it from the error message on the console.
it looks like your double quotemarks have gone awry. why is there one before outcome_dat ?
and again theres no comma between SNP and filename

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