error message :Error in, y, offset = offset, singular.ok = singular.ok, ...) :NA/NaN/Inf dans 'x' .

Good morning everyone,
i wrote this code adf.test(log(z1)) but it dosen't work since an error message:
Error in, y, offset = offset, singular.ok = singular.ok, ...) : NA/NaN/Inf dans 'x' .
What shall I do please ?

Do you know the values of x?
are they NA, NaN, or Inf?

they are numbers : NA

What policy would you like to use given that some of your data is absent?
Remove.. impute...?

the data that i used are imported from excel . and i did not remove them .
this is the code that i wrote
##testing the stationnarity of google trend ##
x1 <- gt_4cc$BTC adjusted Gt
y1 <- gt_4cc$LTC adjusted Gt
z1 <- gt_4cc$ETH_C adjusted Gt
w1 <- gt_4cc$ETH adjusted Gt


the adf test dosen't work only with y1 and z1

thank you ! the problem is resolved .

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