Error message: Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object 'growth' not found

I'm getting this error when in a previous document I did not get this issue. The data does have a growth column.

country_name growth oil rgdp60 tradeshare
Length:65 Min. :-2.8119 Min. :0 Min. : 367 Min. :0.1405
Class :character 1st Qu.: 0.8382 1st Qu.:0 1st Qu.:1148 1st Qu.:0.3933
Mode :character Median : 1.9751 Median :0 Median :2019 Median :0.5433
Mean : 1.9427 Mean :0 Mean :3104 Mean :0.5647
3rd Qu.: 2.8803 3rd Qu.:0 3rd Qu.:5143 3rd Qu.:0.6816
Max. : 7.1569 Max. :0 Max. :9895 Max. :1.9926
yearsschool rev_coups assasinations
Min. : 0.200 Min. :0.00000 Min. :0.0000
1st Qu.: 1.940 1st Qu.:0.00000 1st Qu.:0.0000
Median : 3.650 Median :0.06667 Median :0.1000
Mean : 3.985 Mean :0.16745 Mean :0.2776
3rd Qu.: 5.560 3rd Qu.:0.26667 3rd Qu.:0.2333
Max. :10.070 Max. :0.97037 Max. :2.4667
GrowthReg<-lm(growth ~ tradeshare+YearsSchool+Rev_coups+Assasinations+RGDP60, Data=Growth)
Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object 'growth' not found

lm() does not have a Data param, its data

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Wow thank you! That was partially the issue. The capitalization in each variable was an issue as well.

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