Error Loading nycflights13 library

I'm quite new to R and using the book R for Data Science.

I am trying to use a package called "nycflights13" but it won't open. I have seen others have similar issues on Stack Overflow but I haven't seen any solutions posted.

I have installed the "Rtools" package and "nycflights13" seems to load but when I run glimpse() or View() I get:

Error in glimpse(nycflights13) : object 'nycflights13' not found
Error in View : object 'nycflights13' not found

I guess I can use another package, but as a new user of R, I'd like to know whether I'm missing something blindingly obvious.

Many thanks

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Dell XPS 15 2018

The glimpse() function is to be used on data frames not on a package that contains data frames.

The nycflights13 package provides the following data frames.

  • flights : all flights that departed from NYC in 2013
  • weather : hourly meterological data for each airport
  • planes : construction information about each plane
  • airports : airport names and locations
  • airlines : translation between two letter carrier codes and names

Thank you, I feel like such a numbskull!

Yes, the data frame I am looking for is 'flights' as the book shows clearly and it works perfectly.

Many thanks

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