Error library(Rcmdr) R 3.6.3

Hello everyone,
I need help with the installation of the rcmdr package in version r 3.6.3 since it is the one required by the R wizard. I already ran install.packages("RcmdrMisc") but the error persists
This is the error:


Hi @SebasSe,
Something very weird is going on here!
I don't see how theRcmdr package could have been built under R version 4.3.0 since that version hasn't been released yet.
My updated set-up includes this output from sessioninfo::session_info()

Rcmdr              * 2.8-0    2022-08-15 [1] CRAN (R 4.2.1)
RcmdrMisc          * 2.7-2    2022-01-05 [1] CRAN (R 4.2.0)

You should post your output from these functions to solicit more help:

install.packages("Rcmdr", dependencies=TRUE)

Also, you are using a very old R version - I assume there is a valid reason for that.

Now i have this problem:

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