Error knitting files on RStudio


I have been facing issues with knitting my Rmkd files on Rstudio and need help to resolve the same. These are files I knit previously but they aren't getting knit to HTML files now. The knitting process just haults at one stage and never finishes. The sections at which it haults is usually where I use any plot functions. I have tried restarting Rstudio, re-installing Rstudio and restarting my laptop. But nothing helped. The rmkd file has no issue as it knits fine on another device.

Any suggestions on what else I could try to resolve the issue?

Would really appreciate any help.


Without more information on your environment and your content you are trying to render, it will be hard to help.
You need to try find what is really hanging in your file and build a smaller example you can share.

Otherwise, it could be anything happening...

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