Error : install.packages("readr")

Hi I am new to R. My system is Windows 7; R Version-3.5.3 Rstudio version- 1.2.5019.

Problem: Below error is appearing while using install.pacakages("readr")

I checked for popup blocker is OFF . Please suggest solution. I tried different versions of R.. 3.6.1, 3.5.1, ect. Same error.
Someone pl help me.


R is not been able to connect to the CRAN repository, is your internet connection behind a proxy server or firewall? That is usually the case when you are at work or school.

Thanks for response. No. I am using home network..


Thanks for response. No. I am using home network..Still same error is coming. Pl suggest


I found solutions for this error. Thanks to community.

We have to go to Tools-->Global Option-->Packages. Here uncheck option of "Use secure download method for HTTP"

It will solve above error!!

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