Error in writeLines: invalid 'text' argument

I'm trying to write a line based on the below matrix,


     [,1]        [,2]     
[1,] "wesd"     "2.0E-5" 
[2,] "lesd"     "8.0E-8" 
[3,] "nf"       "16.0"   
[4,] "ldop"     "1.25E-6"
[5,] "lsop"     "2.0E-7" 
[6,] "esdoxide" "1.0"    
[7,] "gns"      "1.0" 

Below is my code, .

ipFile = 'text.txt'
fConn <- file(ipFile,open="w")
paramname <- c("a","b","c","d","e","f","g")
for(a in 1:length(paramname)) {
          tmpvar = 1
        #Using the matrix value printed above
          writeLines(c('parameters ',mat[a,1],'_',as.character(tmpvar),'=',as.character(mat[a,2]),'\n'),con=fConn,sep="")


I'm getting the below Error,

Error in writeLines: invalid 'text' argument

I tried to change the integer values used in writeLines to as.character but no hope. And meanwhile when I try to run the above code in the console it works well (by removing the conn=fconn argument in the writeLines code). This code doesn't work when I try to run from the rstudio app.

Instead of c() together string fragments you should paste0() them together. Also glue() is very good at the cost of another dependency

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Yes paste worked! May I know why it worked in console though without paste?

There must have been another relevant difference because it would be needed for what you are doing.

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