Error in Windows 10 - Cannot Connect to R

I lost count of how many times that I delete and reinstall Rstudio. I followed the suggestions of the previous topics, but the only solution that I have is to delete and reinstall RStudio. After one day of the installation, I get the following error message:

Cannot Connect to R
RStudio can't establish a connection to R. This usually indicates one of the following:

The R session is taking an unusually long time to start, perhaps because of slow operations in startup scripts or slow network drive access.
RStudio is unable to communicate with R over a local network port, possibly because of firewall restrictions or anti-virus software.
Please try the following:

If you've customized R session creation by creating an R profile (e.g. located at ~/.Rprofile), consider temporarily removing it.
If you are using a firewall or antivirus software which guards access to local network ports, add an exclusion for the RStudio and rsession executables.
Run RGui,, or R in a terminal to ensure that R itself starts up correctly.
Further troubleshooting help can be found on our website:

Troubleshooting RStudio Startup

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