error in while loop

Hi All,

I am receiving an error while running a while loop. can you please help me out.


	if(format(auxDate, format = "%d")=="01"){
		auxDate <- auxDate+15
		auxDate <- auxDate-15
		month(auxDate) <- month(auxDate) + 1}
	if(!(auxDate %in% FCL_forecast[,7])){
		missingRows <- c(missingRows, auxDate)}

i am getting an error as :

Error in month(auxDate) <- month(auxDate) + 1 :
could not find function "month<-"

Thank you for the help and i am new, please let me know how can i explain this better



Take a look at the month() function in the lubridate package. There is also a day function that could be useful.

perfect it worked thanks

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