Error in Visualization PCA Plot

I have some trouble to display the visualization of PCA Plot (Morphospace with graphics animation)
I use the newest Momocs 1.3 and R 4.0 | Windows 10 64 Bit

When I use Macbook (macOS, it is already working
But when I run on the windows, it doesn't work. I have no idea with this problem

#Plot PCA

plot(topF2.c, 1)

will be deprecated soon, see ?plot_PCA
Error in col.groups %in% grDevices::colors() :
object 'col.groups' not foun

plot_PCA(topF2.c, 1)

Error in .layerize_PCA(., f, axes = axes, palette = palette) :
object 'colors_groups' not found

I hope I can fix this problem soon,
Thank you

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