Error in value[[3L]](cond) : ~/app_folder/ does not exist

I am fighting debugging my app all day and I decided to play my last card in our community. My app runs smoothly locally but when I try to deploy it with rsconnect I take this error. Error in value[3L] : ~/app_folder/ does not exist

My so far knowledge and luck have not helped me. Here is my code

Any comment, direction, advice is highly appreciated.
What bothers me the most is that from the error I can not be driven to the solution.
Anyway thank you in advance for your time

Your code does not run locally out of the box for me...
its missing an instruction to launch as a shiny app...

I had to add

 shinyApp(ui, server)

so it would run locally.
and it ran with errors as it complains of not having cbindX which seems to be an undefined function.

Thank you for your time. You can run cbindx with the library(gdata). Falsely i forgot to include it to the github version. I will close the question, update the github and open it again tomorrow correctly. In general
my file "app.R can not return a shiny.appobj object"
Thank you again.