Error in utils::askYesNo(msg) : Unrecognized response "<r code>"

Whenever I start my R session on my new M1 mac I get the following message on the first bit of text that I pass into the console:

It's kind of hilarious, but it's also really annoying and jarring and I'd just prefer if I could you know, use my R console like a normal person.

I have a feeling that this is tied to my .Rprofile, but I can't figure out which part, and removing it hasn't seemed to have helped.

Below is my .Rprofile, if that helps,

Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

options(RDocs.override = TRUE)

.First <- function() {
    repos = c(
      milesmcbain = '',
      CRAN = ''
    browserNLdisabled = TRUE,
    deparse.max.lines = 2

if (interactive()) {
  system("cal -A 2")

if (interactive() && requireNamespace("shrtcts", quietly = TRUE)) {
  shrtcts::add_rstudio_shortcuts(set_keyboard_shortcuts = TRUE)

# some VS Code options
  vsc.use_httpgd = TRUE,
  vsc.rstudioapi = TRUE

# usethis options
  usethis.full_name = "Nicholas Tierney",
  usethis.protocol = "https",
  usethis.description = list(
    `Authors@R` = 'person("Nicholas", "Tierney", role = c("aut", "cre"), email = "", comment = c(ORCID = ""))',
    License = "MIT + file LICENSE",
    Language =  "es",
    Version = ""
  # set SI to true
  reprex.session_info    = TRUE

# sort out github credentials
if (requireNamespace("credentials", quietly = TRUE)) {
  credentials::set_github_pat(verbose = FALSE)

# set slides to daemonzied mode to not block R session
options(servr.daemon = TRUE)

:wave: This was me! Sorry! I thought it would be helpful to try to make the shortcuts file for you, but it looks like I was too eager in my attempts to help.

I pushed a fix for this flow in shrcts, and if you update the latest version it should work better. Now, only edit_shortcuts() should ask you if you want to create a .shrtcts.R file and add_rstudio_shortctuts() will no-op with a message if it can't find the shortcuts file.

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Ah, awesome! I'll try this out soon :slight_smile:

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