error in using inner_join function

I recently started learning "R" and I'm supposed to create an object named join that joins together responses_long and qformats and then an object named all_scores that joins together join and scoring by all their common columns so that there are no duplicate columns. all_scores should have 6 variables Id, gender, Question, Response, QFormat and Score. However, I keep getting an error and I don't know what it means.

join <- inner_join(responses_long, qformats, by = c("Question")
all_scores <- inner_join(join, scoring, c("QFormat", "Response")

Error: unexpected symbol in:
"join <- inner_join(responses_long, qformats, by = c("Question")

You opened a bracket for inner join (
But if you don't ever close it with ) then the next line of code will likely cause an error

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