Error in UseMethod("process_map") : no applicable method for 'process_map' applied to an object of class "character"

Having an issue , yesterday all worked fine, and this morning without me changing anything, its decided to not work.....

The code we run to import data. This works fine and has done for months, its only now when we try to run an animate_process command it dies. I also ran up the Microsoft R GUI and it gives same error.

The code :

              patient_data2 <- read_csv("h:/my documents/INPUT_DATA2.txt")
              patient_data2 %>%
                  # recode lifecycle variable appropriately
                    dplyr::mutate(registration_type = forcats::fct_recode(registration_type,
                                                                        "start" = "started",
                                                                        "complete" = "completed")) %>%
                    convert_timestamps(columns = "time", format = ymd_hms) %>%
                    eventlog(case_id = "who",
                                activity_id = "what",
                                activity_instance_id = "handling_id",
                                lifecycle_id = "registration_type",
                                timestamp = "time",
                                resource_id = "employee") ->  myoutput2    
              print( myoutput2 )

Then I run :


And get this error :

 "Error in UseMethod("process_map") : 
 no applicable method for 'process_map' applied to an object of class "character"

Any help would be appreciated. Ive tried the fixes for other similar issues but no joy. Not sure why all of a sudden this would occur? Not sure if my laptop disk permissions might have anything to do with it in case a laptop corporate group policy has nuked something?

It was working 10 minutes ago. I swear. Rob McCool, Stunt Programmer

Let’s concentrate on what is wrong right now.

animate_process() takes as its argument a bupaR event log object and is complaining that it was given a character object.

Compare the str() of data(example_log) with your object.

Think Ive worked it out, thanks.

Not sure I'd want to be a stunt programmer though.....

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He was on the original Netscape team. That actually was quite a stunt.:sunglasses:

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