Error in UseMethod("mutate_") : no applicable method for 'mutate_' applied to an object of class "function"

Hi, I've been trying to run some code that had worked previously but now I'm receiving an error.

Hi @adam2, welcome to RStudio Community.

Your code looks fine. I suspect you have a package conflict that has masked the select() function from dplyr. Try replacing select() with dplyr::select() and see if that works?

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I m quite new with R. "dplyr::select()" fixed the problem. Thanks

Hi, I have a problem with the code below, it was working before but now 'usd' return '0' when I commented it it works again. May I have idea why 'usd' return '0' then 'total_return' is calculated "0"?

Please do not post screenshots, they are not very useful (and a bad thing to do here), instead, try to provide a proper REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue.

I edited it, I hope It is fine by now!

They are still screenshots, please read the link I gave you and post a reproducible example.

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