Error in shiny while using predict

I tried creating dashboard use random forest prediction but it's throwing error arguments imply differing number of rows. Please do help me out

Hello, do you have experience achieving a random forest prediction task in a non-shiny context ?
If not I recommend you pivot to a non-shiny script, and perfect a script for yourself that can complete an example of the task you are aiming to put in a shiny context.
If you are confident with random forest prediction tasks in general, and it is the integration to shiny that is particularly challenging you then in that case, to help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at these resources, to see how to create one for a shiny app.

I would strongly urge you to make any such example as minimal as possible, i.e. use R's built in datasets for example data where this remains a meaningful analog to what you want to achieve etc.

I resolved the error but now I am getting object not found error

How could we possibly help you without sight of your code or data ? (tip:reprex)
The only thing we could do is suggest that you make sure that if you reference an object to be used, that you have previously provided it in your code

if you have object not found error, then you wrote a name of an object that you haven't ensured would be present...
good luck.

I am taking inputs from the shine dashboard the same input variable names are being used in the random forest method I used a certain variables to predict the outcome using random forest method and I am using the same variable names to get the output but it is showing object not found so please do help me with this

I won't speak for other forum users, but I personally find it overly difficult to attempt to fix what I can't see and don't have access to.

I am left to throw out wild guesses. Are guesses helpful for you ?
a) you have a typo so a name you think is there, is not the name that is there
b) you aren't accounting for the difference between scripting randomForest calls with bare variable names, versus strings that contain variable names
c) many other possibilities...

Therefore, please, for your own benefit, make a reprex and share it here ?
Shiny debugging and reprex guide - meta - RStudio Community

I resolved the issue there was a typing error and I left comma in the lines

I tried navie Bayes model now I'm getting subscript out of bound can you help me out