Error in saving a form in R shiny

I am unable to save file in R shiny?

I am getting an error- Error in charToDate: character string is not in a standard unambiguous format.

I am unable to trace it. and why it's happening.

somewhere you are dealing with turning a character string into a date.
often dates can be ambigious
is this the 5th of march 2020 , or the 3rd of may 2020 ?

as.Date("20200305") # fails

as.Date("20200305", tryFormats = c("%Y%m%d")) # tell R its year month day i.e. march 5th
[1] "2020-03-05"

But I am taking the dates from 'dateInput' function from the user.

can you provide a reprex?

Apologies for the late comment. But it got fixed.

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