Error in rvest submit_form()

I have a problem when it comes to submitting forms in rvest I run into an error:
Protocol "" not supported or disabled in libcurl

does this mean "" is not recognized in curl? I suspect it might be caused by the unnamed button, but its already clear that there is one submit button

search <- html_form(read_html(''))[[1]]
filledform<-set_values(search, q = 'Barbeque Nation')

I get the following results
for filled form

> filledform
<form> '<unnamed>' (GET /Search)
  <input search> 'q': Barbeque Nation
  <input hidden> 'searchSessionId': 9E1206CAECB9397E84FBCF0E4B7C01BB1594451246014ssid
  <input hidden> 'searchNearby': false
  <button button> '<unnamed>
  <button submit> '<unnamed>

for submit_form(session=search,form=filledform)

Submitting with '<unnamed>'
Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) : 
  Protocol "" not supported or disabled in libcurl

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