Error in running run_test_multiple_groups() function for microbiomeMarker package.

I'm trying to do "Anova" method by run_test_multiple_groups() in R package microbiomeMarker.
I ran the following code,

ps_anova <- phyloseq::subset_samples(ps,
    Hypertension_type_2 %in% c("Normal", "Prehypertensive", "Staged")
mg_anova <- run_test_multiple_groups(
  group = "Hypertension_type_2",
  method = "anova"

But the Error showing is
Screenshot from 2023-03-30 12-54-14

Here is the code I used to generate the phyloseq object ps

ps <- import_qiime2(
    otu_qza = "/media/turtle/New Volume/Nihad/Test_analysis_2/PRJNA417579-All/fondue-output/dada2_table.qza",
    taxa_qza = "/media/turtle/New Volume/Nihad/Test_analysis_2/PRJNA417579-All/fondue-output/taxonomy.qza",
    sam_tab = "/media/turtle/New Volume/Nihad/Test_analysis_2/PRJNA417579-All/fondue-output/PRJNA417579_final - final_metadata_EDITED.tsv",
    tree_qza = "/media/turtle/New Volume/Nihad/Test_analysis_2/PRJNA417579-All/fondue-output/rooted-tree.qza"

And the files I've used to create this are in here.

Can anyone help me with this?

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