Error in running eventstudy using eventstudytools package

Hi all,

I want to perform an event study in RStudio using the eventstudytools package. I have prepared the input files "01_RequestFile.csv", "02_firmData.csv", and "03_MarketData.csv" as instructed. I have checked the files and am confident that they are formatted correctly. However when running the code below, i get the following error:

"Token not set. Try to get value from: EventStudy.KEY
Uploading: 01_RequestFile.csv
Uploading: 02_firmData.csv
Uploading: 03_MarketData.csv
Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) :
Recv failure: Connection was reset
Error in the_request$status_code :
$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors"

options(EventStudy.KEY = "XXXX")
estResult <- estSetup$performDefaultEventStudy(estType   = "arc",
                                               dataFiles = c("request_file" = "01_RequestFile.csv", 
                                                             "firm_data"    = "02_firmData.csv", 
                                                             "market_data"  = "03_MarketData.csv"), 
                                               destDir   = resultPath)

Any ideas what the problem is and what I can do to solve this? 

Anna :slight_smile:

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