error: in rstudio-server installing (ubuntu)

When I tried to install rstudio-server on ubuntu(20.04) according to Posit, the command is:
$ sudo gdebi rstudio-server-2022.12.0-353-amd64.deb

And it says:

This package is uninstallable

Dependency is not satisfiable: libss11.0.0|libssl1.0.2|libssl1.1

Can somebody help me?

It is very likely that you are attempting to install a version that doesn't match your operating system; in particular it looks like this might be the version for Ubuntu 22.

Try this download, which should work on Ubuntu 20:

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your kind reply.

I use the same version(2022.12.0-353) as your post: "rstudio-server-2022.12.0-353-amd64.deb".
And I still try to install it, and it says the same.

"Dependency is not satisfiable: libss11.0.0|libssl1.0.2|libssl1.1"

I also try other latest versions, like " rstudio-server-2022.12.1-356-amd64.deb.
They all say the same issue.

And when I use "rstudio-server-2022.12.0-352-amd64.deb" and the early version,
It says:

This package is uninstallable

A later version is already installed

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