Error in read.dcf(con)

Hi, I'm trying to run my shiny app on an open source shiny server hosted on a debian 9 KVM. However, I'm getting this error message:

Error in read.dcf(con) :
Line starting 'Unnamed repository; ...' is malformed!
Calls: runApp -> read.dcf
Execution halted

Tried to check shiny-server logs but it's not giving much insights to the problem. Anyone has any idea how I can debug this?

Does the app in question have a DESCRIPTION file? If so, try running read.dcf() on it and if it gives you a similar error, you have to fix the line that contains 'Unnamed repository; ...'

It could also be that one of the packages your app depending on has a malformed DESCRIPTION file. You could try hunting down which one is it by doing

read.dcf(system.file("DESCRIPTION", package = "pkgName", mustWork = TRUE))

on the package dependencies and seeing if any throw a similar error.

Also, it might be interesting to know if the app runs ok without shiny server?

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