Error in py_call_impl: Unable to access object

Have an app that uses reticulate, activates an anaconda environment via use_condaenv('myenv',required=TRUE) and then sources a python function file that is accessible to R. The desired functionality encoded into the r shiny app works just fine when coded into an R script run from Rstudio. And (forgot to add to original post) the app itself works fine on my client machine (i.e., within Rstudio) with no issues. The problem occurs when attempting to launch the app in an rshiny-server session from a remote server running Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (I believe I've set up permissions correctly). When attempting to execute actions from the UI within this environment, the following error occurs:

Warning: Error in py_call_impl: Unable to access object (object is from previous session and is now invalid)

I've scoured the internet landscape for an answer and I haven't really found anything that I think comes close enough. Any ideas? Any additional info needed to help diagnose?

Resolved. Was attempting to run in an environment where the referenced objects were already in memory (as implied). Once I cleared the cache the problem resolved.

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