Error in publishing in shinny aap

I am trying to publish a shiny app created using the R package DynNom.

I have made my model using caret (glm). I am able to view and use the nomogram but when I press the publish button I am getting this error.

PrimaryDoc, appFiles = appFiles, : Application mode static requires at least one document. Calls: ... withStatus -> force -> bundleApp -> inferAppPrimaryDoc Execution halted;

What are your filenames ? Do you have an app.R?

My files names are;

  1. expression_and_clinical_features_ABL1_GUSB_LFC.
  2. PhNegativeAndPhLikePatientsList.csv.

And Yes I have an aap.r saved in that folder.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Dikshat Gupta

aap.r or app.r?
And aside from publishing, does the shiny app run locally?

its app.r,
When we try to publish Nomogram in Shinny app, at the time of deployment it show the error pasted above and in my shinny account Nomogram link is there when I opened that link it showed 404 error.


Is the app.r in the root folder of the project directory?