Error In predict function after using SVM for classification

p<- predict(mymodel, train)
table(predict(p), train$Air.Quality)

Error in UseMethod("predict") :
no applicable method for 'predict' applied to an object of class "factor"

Your p is the result of calling predict. Yet you pass it as a param to a call of predict? Just leave predict() out of your table() call

Do you mean to write it as this

table(p, train$Air.Quality)

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thanks a lot for your help, the error is gone by following your tip.

but i have another question , after i wrote this code i got another error, i know i got this error because i have missing values in my data. but the point is i want to evaluate the performance of the classifier with and without NAs. so any help please to run the confusion matrix while having NAs.

p<- predict(mymodel1, train)
table(p, train$Air.Quality)
Error in table(p, train$Air.Quality) :
all arguments must have the same length

[1] 4020
[1] 1998

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